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  December 22, 2003
Company stock is listed on the JASDAQ market.

Thank you for your continuous support, our company stock is listed on the JASDAQ market on December 22 , 2003.
  October 01, 2003
Cerebrating 75th Anniversary !!

October 1st is our 75th anniversary. Thank you for your continuous support since 1928.

  September 16, 2003
Expansion of Thin Film Factory is completed.

The second factory started its operation at Thin Film Plant in order to meet increasing demand from the market.

  February 05, 2002
We were selected as a world leading venture company in Japan in 2002 by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
  In 2002 we were honored with an acknowledgement from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry for being one of seven Japanese companies that hold the largest share in the world in their field.

Okamoto Glass Co., Ltd. Kashiwa-shi, Chiba Dental Light Mirrors
NIPPURA INC Miki-cho, Kagawa Large acrylic panel for aqualium pools
SKYREMOTE INC Masuki-cho, Kumamoto Remote control cameras
SANJO SEIKI Co.,Ltd. Kawaguchi-shi, Saitama Plastic injection molding machines
SIKOKU KOUKI Co.,Ltd. Kitajima-shi, Tokushima Liquid packaging machines for the food industry
UBUKATA INDUSTRIES Nagoya-shi, Aichi Bimetal switches
Yasuhisa Koki INC Ota-ku, Tokyo Trial manufacturing of precision machines
  This acknowledgement is one of a series awarded to seven Japanese venture companies that hold the largest share in the world in their field, and also in recognition of three products and technologies that demonstrate the forte of Japanese companies.
Certified to ISO 9001:2000 for our reflector manufacturing line
Certified to ISO 14000 for our Osaka Sales Office
Glass Manufacturing Division Fourth Factory opened
  January 12, 2001
Awarded Grand Prize in 11th New Business Prize (sponsored by New Business Conference)
  Our business activity have been highly evaluated because of the integrated manufacturing process of the thin film filter with the vacuum evaporation technique.
  February 23, 2000
Won gubernatorial prize in 5th Vital Companies of Chiba Award (sponsored by the Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun)
  This prize is in recognition of the new technologies, products, or unique managements of especially vital venture companies.
  February 15, 2000
Our "reflecting mirror" was awarded the Grand Prize at the 25th Invention Grand Prize (sponsored by the Japan Society for Advancement of Invention [JSAI]).
  This prize recognizes small and medium sized companies that have developed superior techniques or invented unique products.
It is the oldest and most renowned award for small and medium sized companies.
  発明大賞受賞式 発明大賞盾


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